Smilelove Reviews 2021 | Is It Worth Your Money? (Honest Opinion) | (75% Less Than The Cost Of Braces)

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Ease Of Use


  • Clear aligners are removable.
  • You can wear them while playing sports.
  • The average smile plan is only 4-6 months.
  • Clear aligners are removable.
  • You’ll never need attachments or rubber bands.
  • You’ll be assigned a state licensed dentist or orthodontist.
  • simple whitening treatment after wearing the aligners for a year.
  • Their clear aligners truly are … invisible.
  • Smilelove costs up to 60% less than braces
  • Smilelove aligners are considerably more convenient than traditional braces


  • In order for teeth aligners to work effectively, it’s important that they are worn regularly and cleaned thoroughly.

Verdict: Smilelove helps you to clear teeth straightening aligners sent right to your door. The least noticeable, most affordable, most convenient braces option out there!


In this post, I have shared our in-depth Smilelove Review, discussing everything about it. Is it the best choice for your teeth? Let’s find out.

Smilelove is one of the leading companies which provides affordable and good quality invisible teeth aligners. Their teeth aligners are sold online, but the main USP of the company is that they really care about their customers.

They make sure the clients are happy and do not face any issues after buying their product. Even if some issue arises, rectify it very quickly.

They rank on the top in the quality of service they provide. Apart from this, you must know that Smilelove is ranked as one of the best providers of invisible braces. Read further is it worth your money? in our Smilelove Review.


The kit they provide comes with two sets of top and bottom trays to give a good impression. To top it all, the prices they offer are equivalent to other brands that give only one set per kit. Read the in-depth Smilelove Reviews to know more in detail. You can also check our Snow Teeth Whitening Review 

Bottom Line Upfront | Smilelove introduces a new way to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Stay home and Stay safe with a Kit sent straight to you. Smilelove is a direct-to-consumer teeth aligner solution for those of us who would love to have straighter teeth and a more confident, I highly recommend Smilelove, It is #1 teeth aligner solution in the market. Snow Teeth Whitening


Smilelove Review 2021: Is It The Best Choice For Your Teeth?

Let’s Look at Key Features Of Smilelove With Our Review

Unique Service

Usually, other teeth aligner companies [2] refund your money if they find you not qualifying for the product. But, Smilelove provides a unique service and goes a step ahead of others.

Customer Smilelove reviews say that you can get your money back if you are approved but you do not like the projected results they show. It happens like this – First, they approve you for their teeth aligner program.

Then they make 3D images that show how your teeth will look after the program. If you use the aligners as directed by them, you will get amazing results.

But, still, every person and situation is different. So, if you qualify for the program but somehow do not see much improvement on completion, Smilelove returns your money back.

Efficient Customer Service

Smilelove is known to provide excellent customer service to every patient, even if that means swallowing their own tongue. They manage every situation on a person-to-person basis and handle them very gracefully and efficiently.

They care for their customers and respond promptly to their concerns. This is the first step in delivering quality customer service. They have a dedicated team who reviews their Facebook page [3.] very often to check if any customer needs some help or assistance.

Smilelove takes such small steps in making its customers feel that they are taken care of. This step adds value to the company and leads to its growth. No business can flourish if its clients are not happy.

Normally, with other brands, customers feel that it takes ages for the customer service to come forward and solve their queries, or the emails land in the company’s spam folder and are never read. But, Smilelove makes sure each and every client is heard. 

Who is The Smilelove Founder

smilelove founder

David Frazier started his career with a quick start at a Utah’s largest management construction firm. While at Okland Construction he managed to integrate systems and add 2MM in additional revenue. One of Okland’s subcontractors took notice and Dave was recruited to the firm as the CFO.

This was a huge undertaking; as leader of the firm, Dave navigated the firm through the 2008 construction crisis. He secured private equity funding to stabilize and correct the trajectory of the company.


Smilelove introduces a new way to get the smile you've always wanted. Stay home and Stay safe with a Kit sent straight to you.

💰  Price

$ 89

😍  Pros

Affordable costing than other clear aligner brands.

😩  Cons

Available only in the US


The overall experience with Smilelove is always very pleasant. The design and duration of the program will always depend on the individual, as every person has a different smile.

Rating 1/5

Smilelove Pricing 

Smilelove charges the lowest prices in the aligner industry. Their clear aligners cost around 75% less than the braces. They come with the following kits:

Their Invisible Braces Are The Best Alternatives To Braces Smilelove

  • Upfront Fast Track Kit – This whole kit costs only $1895, and the package includes an impression kit, whitening kit, one set of retainers.
  • Aligner Impression Kits – These kits are free of cost and come with two pairs of impressions.
  • Invisible Aligners – These aligners cost $1895, which also includes a whitening kit and one set of retainers. You have payment options like $79 per month installments for 24 months via a third-party financing company, Affirm.
  • Retainers – When you buy clear aligners, Smilelove provides free retainers with them.
  • Whitening Kit – You get the first free whitening kit with invisible aligners, and thereafter you can buy them for just $49.99 per kit. You will get a discount on optional subscription orders. 


The duration of the whole Smilelove program depends on different situations. On average, the time span of the program is around 30 weeks, by wearing one set for every two weeks. 


Smilelove’s clear aligners are available online, only to the residents of the US. 

How Smilelove Works?

Smilelove works almost similar to what other companies do. It is a standard process where you visit their website and answer the questions to find out if the invisible aligners are right for you. Thereafter you order your aligners, impression kit, and retainers. 


Step I: Questionnaire 

Here you need to answer the multiple-choice questionnaire on their website. These questions will make you understand if the clear aligner program will benefit you. You can even skip this step, but going through this simple step can be fruitful. 

Step II: Order 

Once you feel it’s good for you and you want to go ahead with the process, you order an impression kit. For this you will have to follow the instructions of the email sent to you, otherwise, you may end up with unusable impressions. So, invest time in reading the instructions carefully. Smilelove provides two sets of impression kits. 

Step III: Return 

After going through the instructions in your impression kit, you repack them and send them back. After this, you wait for the approval. 


Step IV: Order Online 

Once you get a go-ahead from the assigned professional orthodontist for invisible aligners, you can finally approve the program and place your order online.

You can also buy the Fast Track Kit which has all the items in the program, by simply approving the program so that they start making your aligners.

Approval is mandatory because you must review your 3D images to know what results in you will get in the end. The treatment schedule they send also needs your approval. 

Step V: Order Retainers 

Once your aligner program is complete, you will require retainers for a while to keep your teeth in place. Else, the teeth may end up in the wrong position. The first set of retainers is free from Smilelove. 


The 4 Best Smilelove Alternatives (Reviewed And Ranked)

1. Candid:-


Candid has become the 2nd largest corporation in the enterprise of home-aligners. It provides you with clear aligners that go well with your look. 

Candid might cost you a little higher than the other home-aligners, but it is worth it. No other company can even compete with Candid in terms of safety and effectiveness. 

Candid ensures that specialists should handle your treatment, and for that matter, it has incorporations with several qualified orthodontists. 

Candid offers checkups every 7 to 10 days with an orthodontist. So that your progress can be evaluated, you can have checked your teeth for free by visiting a candid studio. 

To sum up, Candid offers good quality and effective clear aligners and various other services.


This is the best tool for straightening your teeth with proper guidance from the orthodontist.

In this toolkit, you have to do all the treatment at your home only, and you don’t have to visit any expensive doctors to make your teeth straight.

They will provide you with the aligner treatment that you require for your teeth.

You are in direct surveillance of the doctors which will monitor your performance through the scans that you will send through your mobile.

They used to provide regular checkups for their customers, including the checkup every two weeks.

In short, with the help of candid, you can have direct contact with the doctors from your home.


There are two distinct options at candid based on expenditure and suitability. The first one is a starter kit which will cost you $20, and it’s for a try and the second kit is for actually buying the aligner, which will cost you $2100.

2. Byte:-


It is one of the youngest companies in the enterprise of home aligners but is no less than any other company in persuasion and convenience. 

They have employed one of the fastest technologies in treatment and provide treatment in less time. Their costs and prices are normal, but the quality of treatment is far better than average. 

Its treatment time is only three months while all other companies, for instance, Smilelove, takes almost 6 to 8 months. Both dentists and orthodontists are included in byte’s team. 

Byte also gives you a warranty that if your aligner shifts down they’ll send you a pair. Isn’t it amazing?

We all know that we should always keep our faces smiling. Byte provides you with such a toolkit that will help you to get a smile back on your face.


To have good teeth is very important for your smile. The use of the Byte toolkit is straightforward, and you need to follow the instructions.

Byte had those treatment plans recognized and approved by the licensed orthodontist and dentist.

Apart from the treatment, they will also monitor your recovery and always keep an eye on your improvements.

You can have good white teeth in just 3 months of the treatment.

The all the techniques that are used by the byte are entirely safe and trusted by the doctors as well.


You need to make a one-time payment of $ 2,295 to get a full aligner system,  but if you want to pay every month, then you would have to pay $ 99/month for twenty-nine months and a down payment of $449, and you will get an Aligner system with BPP. 

3. Aligner Co:-


Aligner Co is a new and active company with very flexible pricing and is accessible to a substantial number of people. Their pricing is not that expensive, but the same is not true about their treatment.

They provide a high-quality treatment that is effective and convenient. It can be contemplated that this company will reach a new height in the coming years.

Aligner Co takes 4-5 months to model your remedy, and then your aligners will get delivered to you.  Aligner Co is a pocket-friendly choice.

You have often seen that aligners are very awkward to wear, and they are costly too.

The Alginerco is one of the trendy and trusted brands that assures teeth straightening at the lowest cost, and you will get the invisible aligners that are very cool to wear.

Smilelove Review

There are many payment options available, and you can pay in EMI.

The best part of this company is that they also provide you with the Nightonly clear aligner, which you have to wear in the night only while sleeping.

This device is entirely safe and has shown promising results.

You can get the straight teeth in just 3 steps; first, you need to show the teeth to the experts, and then they will provide you with the best aligners for your teeth, and then you have to wait for some time.


The one-time payment option of Aligner Co that involves invisible aligners, an impression kit, and a pair of retailers will cost you only $995 and is the most reasonable one among all. There are other payment options available; you can check them on Aligner Co’s website.

4. Smile direct club:-


Smile direct club provides clear aligners that claim to straighten your teeth in 4-6 months and offers you a beautiful smile. 

Smile direct club has different types of clear aligners, i.e., clear aligners for all day and clear aligners only for night time, and you can choose according to your suitability. 

The smiling direct club’s dental team constructs your plan, develops your aligner, and sends it to you. You can always take a free assessment to check if you’re a candidate or not.


The one-time payment option enables you to pay only £1539, but if you want to pay monthly, you need to pay £70.09 per month for 23 months along with a deposit of £70.10.

Pros & Cons: Smilelove Review


  • Affordable costing than other clear aligner brands.
  • Offers a complimentary whitening kit.
  • You get free retainers on buying aligners.
  • The treatment duration is around 7-8 months.


  • Available only in the US.
  • It is a new brand in the market and is still making its place.

Do Smilelove Aligners give Results?

From the customer’s review who have used Smilelove, they swear by its results. They appreciate getting excellent results at such a low rate. They like the following unique characteristics:

  • The aligners are made of durable and clear plastic
  • Customers do not have to wait for appointments 
  • These aligners are FDA-approved
  • You get a full 3D preview of how your smile will look after the treatment
  • You get a full refund if you do not live the preview

Smilelove Facebook Real Testimonials



Smilelove enjoys a fantastic reputation in this department. A customer has many sources to get in touch with service executives – email, phone, and social media. They are very prompt on Facebook, as their representatives are quick to react and this is what customers like. 

Apart from this, one must also be determined to adhere to the full length of the treatment to see proper results. You must wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day and maintain excellent oral hygiene as well. 

Final Result 

Smilelove aligners are invisible and hard to notice because they have an ultra-level of transparency. Customers are happy after the program and feel confident about their smiles. The efficiency level of Smilelove is almost 100%. 

What Our Customer Says About Smilelove


FAQS Related To Smilelove Review:

👌 Q1. Is Smilelove legit?

Ans - Smilelove has great reviews on their customer support. it is an us-based company that is helpful, and responsive. Apart from a video call when doing your impressions, They also provide text support online at any time. A special agent is assigned to you in order to make communication easier.

😬 Q2. Can Smilelove fix an overbite?

Ans - If the overbite is a direct result of misaligned teeth, it can be easily repaired by straightening the teeth as with the invisible Smilelove aligners. If the problem is more severe and more related to the jaw, a correction may require orthopedic surgery and tooth alignment.

⌛ Q3. How long does smilelove take?

Ans - Then sit back and wait as it will take a few weeks for your aligners to arrive. With Smilelove, you wait a little longer than at the other House Aligner companies that produce and deliver in 4-5 weeks. A Smilelove dentist will process your impressions and prepare your treatment plan in three weeks.

How do I request a refund from Smile Love?

Two weeks after we complete a scan or get your kit back, you can receive a downloadable preview that you can open on your laptop. If you are using a package, you must submit the finished impression kits to Smile Love, and you must obtain the sample to be considered for a refund.

Smile Love works?

If you look at Smile Love's ratings before 2020, you'll see that their customers are primarily pleased with their service. Smile Love claims to have done an excellent job describing the procedure to their clients, including demonstrating which teeth can change with each pair of aligners. As a result, we may state unequivocally that it works.

Is Smile Direct a more affordable choice than Invisalign?

Invisalign Full can cost anywhere from $ 3,500 to $8,500, based on the dentist's recommendation, and is comparable to, if not more expensive than standard metal braces. SmileDirectClub is less expensive than Invisalign Complete, and both the daytime and nighttime options are available.

Smile Love is covered by insurance?

A variety of dental insurance companies cover Smile Love Clear Aligners. In most cases, you'll have up to half of the cost of the aligners shielded. Insurance would not bear the cost of the package.

Is it possible for the Smile direct club to damage your teeth?

Traditionally, aligners are sent to the dentist supervising the patient during simple aligner care (the kind of medication SmileDirect offers). Professionals then ensure that the aligners are appropriately fitted and do not damage the patient's mouth, teeth, or gums.

Is it possible for me to straighten my teeth by myself?

Braces are the easiest and most convenient way for most people to straighten their teeth permanently. If your teeth are just mildly uneven or crowded, an orthodontist-recommended retainer might be all you need to straighten them out. It's not a good idea to try to straighten your teeth on your own.

What is the fastest way to straighten your teeth?

1. Metal braces: A ligature elastic, archwire, hoops, and bonding material are used in this conventional teeth straightening technique. 2. Smile Love: It is now one of the most common therapy choices for adults.

What are simple aligners, and how do you use them?

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that go over the teeth and are worn to straighten them out. Clear aligners, unlike braces, have no brackets or metal cables and are almost undetectable to the naked eye. A sequence of aligners is usually worn and switched out every 2 to 3 weeks to achieve the desired effects. Care will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the seriousness of the case. Many people prefer clear aligners because they are easy to clean, less visible, and add less pain to the cheeks and gums.

What is ClearComfortTM Technology, and how does it work?

Our aligners are fully transparent, custom fit, and hand trimmed to follow your gum line for optimum support and a virtually invisible fit, thanks to our patented ClearComfortTM technology. Other aligners on the market are cloudy and lie flush against the gums, causing discomfort.

Is it possible to straighten teeth at any age?

Adults will initiate orthodontic care at any age, but the treatment choices are more restricted. Since orthodontic surgery will raise the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, care can not proceed until you have a reasonable level of oral hygiene.

Is it painful to straighten my teeth?

It is not painful to have braces put over your teeth. The process of getting braces on your teeth takes anywhere from one to two hours. Your orthodontist will first place bands around your back molars. It's possible that any friction or pinching will be applied, but it won't be uncomfortable.

Is it true that pressing your teeth straightens them?

No, you should never try that. Braces or aligners straighten teeth because regular and steady pressure is needed for tooth movement.

Smilelove Infographics


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Smile Love Refund

The satisfaction of their clients is Smile Love’s guiding philosophy.

They will issue a full refund if you get your preview and are dissatisfied with the results we will provide.

Their return policy for impression kits and all other non-custom Smile Love items is thirty 30 days from the purchase date.

Smile Love Phone Number and Contact

Services offered by Smile Love are incredibly significant. They offer a range of services for you and for most cases you won’t even need their support.

However, in case of any issues or query you need one, we must tell you there is no official phone number or email address they have released.

However, you can leave your query on their official website from here, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Overall Experience: Smilelove Review Before And After 2021

The overall experience with Smilelove is always very pleasant. The design and duration of the program will always depend on the individual, as every person has a different smile.

The initial set of aligners may feel a bit uncomfortable for many people, but the next set will be easier to adjust. As one progresses in the program, the aligners will feel light and won’t force themselves on the teeth. 

Another great thing to note is that you get a refund on the impression kits or the whole package if you do not qualify for the program. Smile love understands the value of your money. 

From the buying viewpoint, Smilelove keeps coming up with sales and offers, which they call a “window of opportunity”. For example, there can be an offer where you can take a $400 OFF Aligner Bundle and get a Free 1-year teeth whitening service. 

Finally, the quality of the product they provide ensures that it will not change your original appearance. Their aligners are super clear and hardly noticeable, which is also their USP as compared to other brands’ aligners. 

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