Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review 2020 With The Bonus Packages 

Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review
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  • The teaching is amazing in the videos.
  • Improve the flexibility in your shoulders
  • Download all the information instantly.
  • The content is of top-quality
  • You will be working out with Eric Wong himself as he does the workouts himself in the videos.
  • The program is easy-to-use and all you need to do is follow the program to get desired results.
  • You can minimize the pain in your back, neck, and shoulders
  • You can improve the posture which is affecting your health and posture
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.
  • Its shipping is fast


  • Need equipment or you will require a gym for a few workouts.

Today we have featured Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review, with its pricing policy, pros and cons, we have also covered the bonus package, so read our detailed Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review…Tightness in the shoulders is a common problem faced by many people these days. This, in fact, leads to a lot of pain, bad posture, and lack of flexibility.

Many times we try to stretch ourselves and get rid of the tightness but in vain. However, a lot of people face an issue in terms of flexibility and tightness in the shoulders which they cannot get rid of.

Tight shoulders can be the reason behind poor flexibility. Now, this is not a very happy place to be in and can also be painful and result in poor posture. To get rid of the tightness people try to stretch and maybe this also doesn’t help.

Well, if you are experiencing problems like these, then you need to understand that you are not the only one. Around 70% of the total population is dealing with one or the other kind of issues related to flexibility and shoulder tightness. Getting rid of this can be a tricky affair. 

To deal with the above-mentioned issues Coach Eric Wong has come with an awesome answer known as the shoulder flexibility solution. He has been hugely successful earlier also with the “Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program”. This time the focus is on shoulder flexibility routines.

If you intend to get rid of these issues, a program has been designed by Eric Wong which will help you out – the Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review

3D Flexibility System – What Is It? 

There are nine main factors that have been addressed to create this flexibility system which we shall discuss in detail in Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review

1.) Reflexes: If the flexibility system has to work, this factor must be considered

2.) Joint Stabiliser: This is an automatic function of the muscles which prevents any damage to the joints

3.) Muscle: These are Fibres that have to be correctly stretched

4.) Joint Capsule: This is responsible for the majority of the restrictions in flexibility

5.) Fascia: This is the Muscular connective tissue which could develop adhesions or scars

6.) Control: It is the ability of an individual to control the muscles consciously

7.) Tolerance to Pain: The right level has to be achieved to advance in the program

8.) Core: It refers to Deep musculature which stabilizes the abdomen and the back

9.) The Prime Mover: These are the Muscles which begin and end the range of movement of the individual.

The Functioning Of Shoulder Flexibility Solution 

Silence is the essence of this result-oriented program. With the help of an all-natural approach, you will be able to achieve the program targets. You will be able to strike back with zeal with the help of Shoulder Flexibility Solution. 

The program is scientific and you can stay assured of getting great results. 

With the help of the static stretching method, you will be able to achieve complete relaxation of the muscles without putting in any extra effort. The creator of the program has complete confidence in the static stretching method and is well aware of its positive effect in improving the shoulder flexibility in an awesome manner. 

The workout plan of the program will actually play a crucial role in drastically reducing muscle tightness and adding beauty to body posture. And the biggest advantage is the fact that the program is not associated with any kind of harmful method.

It is totally safe and very effective. The all-natural and easy to follow techniques make everything a piece of cake and there is no need to add any extra supplements. It is a superb idea to go through the shoulder flexibility program and get to know all about its authenticity. 

shoulder flexibility solution
shoulder flexibility solution

There are six distinct routines and each routine will require twenty minutes or less to finish off. These six routines complete the Hip Flexibility Solution Review.

Altogether, these distinct routines focus on every single factor of flexibility that has been listed above and they give you a complete result in terms of speed, strength, power as well as mobility in addition to getting rid of the pain.

About Eric Wong

Eric Wong is no strange name when it comes to fitness and MMA. He is a professional coach in strength and has been a coach to many fighters in the sport of MMA like Claude Patrick.

You will find his work featured in a lot of publications that consist of “Spike”, “Fighting Fit” “UFC,” and “MMA”.

He is the author of many programs that have been designed and created to assist both athletes as well as normal people like us to stay fit by way of many effective methods that he has used with his clients.

Eric Wong

And they specialized in exercise physiology and biomechanics. He also has mastered in kinesiology from the University of Waterloo.

What exactly Is Meant By Shoulder Flexibility Solution?

We all must be aware that one of the common methods to loosen up the shoulders is static stretching.

However, according to Eric Wong, static stretching is, in fact, amongst the very less effective methods to improve the flexibility of the shoulders and get rid of the tightness. This entire program is based on science and is quite easy for users.

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review consists of the following routines:

Routine #1:  This routine will help you touch your hands behind the back. According to Eric, it is abnormal if you cannot touch your hands and this indicates that your body has problems.

This routine focuses on releasing those issues that are important to build strength but have been 

Routine #2: This routine will help you get the perfect head position that will give you a healthy neck, jaw, and spine.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review

In case you feel that your head leans way too forward, then this routine will definitely assist you in switching things around to get the perfect posture which will promote better overall well-being.

Routine #3: This specific routine will assist you in increasing the range of motion as well as reach overhead. The routine focuses not just on your shoulder, but even on the thoracic spine as well as the core.

Some More Routines

Routine #4: This routine will help the client fix the problem related to rounded shoulders and it will sit in the posture automatically which will be advantageous to the strength, spine, and flexibility.

Routine #5: This specific routine will help you fix issues in the shoulder blade which is positioned abnormally and also is protruding from behind. This issue could cause injuries that must be looked into.

client fix the problem related to rounded shoulders

Routine #6: This routine will help you enhance the mobility of your shoulders. This routine must be done prior to the workouts and this will enable you to lift things with less effort.

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution consists of a system which is called the System of 3D Flexibility and this addresses the reasons why the shoulders of a person are light.

This assists you in getting the desired flexibility and does not cause pain.

It also improves the stability of joints which helps in relaxing the muscles as well as enhances the ability to control the muscles and this, in turn, will improve the flexibility as well as strength.

More About The Routines:

It is important to pay attention to the fact that there are two forms of the routine. These are in the video as well as a PDF form. You will get to know all about the stretches to be pursued from the PDF.

You will be getting two different choices with the video, namely, download or stream them to your computer in SD or HD.

You will get to know all about the movements as well as stretches from the videos. There will be no scope of confusion after watching the videos. Also, the audio quality is pretty awesome. Thus, you get to watch as well as hear everything without any confusion. You will be happy to know that the techniques do not involve much of the equipment or machinery and can be carried out with great ease at work, home or gym.

What Are The Bonuses?

With this mind-blowing and unique product, you will be getting 2 bonus packages. These are rotator hardening routine and the shoulder regen routine. Well, there is no need to get confused as these are pretty much similar to the core product when it comes to delivery.

The quality of the video is top quality, crystal clear, and has great content. These videos are in detail and you will be getting all the vital information. 

What Can You Expect From The Product?

If you are facing one or the other kind of shoulder injury, stiffness, or pain, then you can simply rely on the usual stretches.

You will be requiring something extra and this is where you will be requiring this revolutionary product. 


There is no denying the fact that this amazing product is power-packed and will surely let things rolling within no time. Read on to find out more about some of the fantastic stuff associated with this product. 


Great posture has a major role to play in leading a confident and healthy life. With the right kind of techniques, strategies, and methods you will be able to achieve this goal over the period of time in terms of great posture. This shoulder flexibility program is your one-stop destination for improving your posture in a remarkable and hassle-free manner. 


The two types of free items that you will be getting with this program will help in ensuring that you get a perfectly flexible and pain-free body. With the help of the routines, you will be able to get a perfectly healthy life. 


There is nothing complicated about this product and you will be getting to know all about the movements in the PDF and a video format. These are easy to comprehend and there is no requirement of any sort of complicated machinery. The program is suitable for almost everyone. You can follow the techniques as these are simple and easy-to-follow.

The Bonus Packages 

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review also has 2 additional bonus packages. The first package is a hardening routine whereas the second package is called shoulder regen routine.

These are quite similar to the original package in terms of delivery. Every single movement is depicted in the video by Eric and there is a pdf as well which will tell you about the routine and the movements.

The video quality is very clear and of high-quality. The content is awesome. Every video is about 30 seconds long.

The Bonus Packages 

Hip Flexibility Solution:

The main routines in the Hip Flexibility Solution (HFS) are:

  1. Core Routine
  2. Bioenergetics Routine
  3. Core Routine
  4. Active SMR or self-myofascial release 
  5. Kneeling Routine
  6. The Advanced mobility routine

What Equipment Is Required For The Program?

For this program, a massage ball, a foam roller, and rubber bands will be required.  In case you do not have the required equipment, your gym will be having everything you require


  • You will be working out with Eric Wong himself as he does the workouts himself in the videos.
  • The teaching is amazing in the videos.
  • The content is of top-quality
  • The program is easy-to-use and all you need to do is follow the program to get desired results.
  • Improve the flexibility in your shoulders 
  • You can minimize the pain in your back, neck, and shoulders
  • Help to Get stronger shoulders
  • You can improve the posture which is affecting your health and posture
  • Download all the information instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going through some confusion about the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program? Do you want to overcome all those confusing? Then make sure to view this FAQ portion.

🤔 Q1. What items are required to attend this product?

Ans - Though most of the workout mentioned in the program doesn’t demand any equipment, there are still some of the items that you need to own to follow this program. 85% of the exercises in the product are easy-to-follow and doesn’t require any equipment. However, all the tools that this product demands are easy to gain, and it might be possible that you have all those accessories.

👴 Q2. Can Aged People Also Follow this Program?

Ans - This is the whole beauty of the program as it can be easily followed by older people also. There are several aged people who keep facing problems pertaining to stiffness and pain due to their age factor. This program is completely safe for them also. All that you need to do is watch the videos and follow the techniques.

🏷️ Q3. Price of the Flexibility Solution?

Ans - You will be paying only $67 for this awesome product. Some people can find it a little expensive, but when you compare it with some of the other products out there, you will realize that it is totally worth it. You will also be getting two items in addition to the main product. It turns out to be a value for money deal.

It can definitely not get better than this!

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Conclusion: Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review 2020

Eric Wong’s Shoulder Flexibility Solution is amazing. The content provided is of top quality and the content of the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is quite professional and better than the hip flexibility solution.

It is quite expensive in contrast to any other shoulder products. In case you have issues related to the shoulders, get yourself the Shoulder Flexibility Solution.

It also has a 60 days money-back guarantee which makes it a great risk-free purchase. 

It can be rightly said that this innovative product is incredible. Both the content as well as the technique is sought after and easy to follow. You will be paying a bit more for this product, but it is totally worth the money.

This product is in-depth and doesn’t just focus on one aspect. Every aspect has been covered in a remarkable manner and is result-oriented. It focuses on mobility, flexibility, static and dynamic stretching, muscle relief, mobility, reduction in muscle imbalances, and much more.

Just get a copy of this product and you will not regret it. You will be getting a 60-day money-back guarantee also. So it is a total win-win situation for you.

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