Private Consulting


Mark Spencer, DrPH, MA, RD

Consulting Services



Trade and corporate – Nutrition and health topics  ranging from full program manuals to weekly news stories on hot topics, emerging science, highlights and blurbs for corporate wellness programs.

Broad range health issues – Wellness, public health, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, exercise, healthy lifestyle, diet, weight management, complementary and alternative medicine

Specialized topics such as: pregnancy, arthritis, autoimmune and neurological conditions, the senior population, pediatrics

Scientific research communications to the public arena
Outlets: Books, manuals, magazines, web, corporate flyers, internet-based newsletters



Expert clinical editing/review of scientific content for web and other publications

Final clinical and translation review of translated health documents (English to Spanish)

Copy-editing – health education, science reporting, nutritional research findings


Educational institutions


Small Business

Private and group settings
General Consulting

Corporate/business wellness

Food industry nutrition strategy

Chef/menu planning services

Restaurant nutrition consulting services

Personal Nutrition Counseling
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