Plexus Wheel Review 2021 | Does It Actually Work?

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  • The Plexus wheel helps to build better posture and strength.
  • Increase the body’s flexibility
  • It is useful to elongate your back
  • Better option for back pain relief.
  • Chirp Wheel offers targeted deep-tissue massage
  • Its central groove offers muscle stretch.
  • It is effective and quite strong
  • the wheel can be uncomfortable to use as a pain reliever


  • It doesn’t cover an area as wide as a foam roller

At first, this massage tool went by the name of the Plexus Wheel. You could also say that Chirp Plexus Wheel is more than just the new name.

Price:$ 49.99

In this post, we have shared the Plexus Wheel Review 2021 or Gochirp Review with quick pain relief using the Chirp Plexus Wheel!! Read it here.

When back pain occurs, most people do not take the time to think about home remedies to solve the problem.

Most of us rush to the doctor and eventually start using painkillers on our backs without realizing that most of these medications only provide temporary pain relief.

Plexus Wheel Review 2021 | Save 30% OFF 3 Wheel Pack

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There are many products in the market that can help you fight pain, including the Chirp Plexus Wheel. Chirp is one of the suppliers of plexus wheels.

In this Plexus Wheel review, we will talk about the company and finally find out if Chirp is currently the best supplier in the market.

What Is Plexus Wheel?

Chirp was formerly known as Plexus but was then renamed Chirp. The name has changed for several reasons. However, the main reason for the name change is that the company is now developing more products, not just the plexus wheel. They should also help you solve back pain easily and for this reason.

Chirp is giving amazing plexus wheel discount codes with 3 wheel packs for just $99!!

Plexus wheel review

They are on the move to unveil all the products that can help with back pain. Chirp Plexus Wheel or Gochirp started in 2015 when the developer started making the back pain wheel. It helped yogis improve their balance and flexibility.

Plexus wheel plus - Chirp Wheels

However, one of the best-known products made by Chirp is the Plexus Wheel. You are in a movement that helps you to combat pain in style. Recently, the company launched the Chirp Plexus Wheel Plus – all for you in the fight against back pain.

You probably know the concept very well, it helps stretch your tight muscles and reach the deep and irritating knots that drive you crazy. The plexus wheel is designed for upper and lower back pain. The wheel aims at tight muscles and helps to align the spine.

The wheel is 5 inches wide, so it slides easily between the shoulder blades, giving you the ability to find those narrow, uncomfortable spots.

Compared to a foam roller that covers a large area, the Chirp Plexus Wheel is much more agile, giving you very boring areas you would not otherwise have.

Chirp plexus Wheel - Simply Super Effective


What Are The Benefits Of The Plexus Wheel?

One of the most serious problems that many people have with a foam roller is the pain it may cause.

With the extra plexus and the extra thick cushion, you can move your muscles in peace.

The fact that the wheel is not as long as its typical foam roller; allows it to fit comfortably between the shoulder blades.

This ensures that you can attack the aching muscles.

More About The GoChirp Back Roller

Another thing that you will notice as its benefit is the spinal canal, which has been added for the sake of convenience.

In this way, you can roll areas like your neck into the lower back without putting much pressure on your spine.

You will find it provides the most relief from the pain that your back is suffering.

The GoChirp Back Roller

Does it really help to relieve your back pain? To answer that, we have found the previous generation of the Plexus Wheel at Amazon.

It was rated good on Amazon, and most customers are very satisfied with the bike. Although some quality issues have been reported, many customers see the positive results with the wheel.

Unfortunately, like any other yoga wheel, the Plexus Plus has few outstanding features. There are tons of similar yoga wheels that have been classified as such and claim to be the strongest and have the most satisfied buyers.

For the extra spinal canal, this yoga wheel has been doing this for a long time, Gochirp just reinvents the wheel.

Luckily for the buyers in the US, shipping is free.

One of the biggest problems with the Chirp Plexus Wheel is the shipping costs for international sponsors. Every 6 “sold for $ 29 has amazing shipping costs of $ 19.

Obviously unreasonable, sometimes ridiculously expensive, shipping costs are the reason why people are not up to date. Tax rates have not yet been set. Other taxes such as VAT and tax rates are also not yet included.

By the end of 2015, the Plexus Wheel was available on Amazon and the Plexus Yoga website. Stock and his team set them up in a friend’s barn until they found a manufacturer through Alibaba, an Amazonian-style store, to find producers, importers, and manufacturers.

They set up a factory in China to make a custom-made mold and produce the wheel that worked for a short time.

“But China has gone south,” said Stock.

“We paid for the mold, and suddenly the manufacturer sent us photos of all the competition products he used, to build our mold.”

plexus wheel discount & Promo code

At that time, he brought the manufacturing to Utah, where it is made today. In 2016, GoChirp’s first full year, Stock’s revenue was $ 180,000, with nearly everything related to marketing and product development.

In the summer of 2017, Chirp sold 500 plexus wheels daily through effective influence marketing and the name changed from “yoga device” to “back pain relief device.”

The Stock spent nearly $ 1 million annually on shipping and compliance costs. Stock founded its own order fulfillment company, ShipStud, and integrated all stages of the manufacturing and sales process internally.

Now ShipStud performs all chirp orders, as well as various other crowdfunding and startup campaigns.

Plexus Wheel: Description And Properties

The wheel is designed with a rigid core with a cushion outside. The hardcore keeps the wheel in shape and does not break over time, unlike a foam roller. The filling feels good in your body.

It comes in 3 different sizes:

1. The size of 6 inches is ideal for deep tissue printing. This unit gives you the pressure you need to get those rebel knots. This bike is more aggressive than the others, so you need to consider it.

2. The size of 10 inches can be used for medium pressures. If you are looking for a deep massage, this model is ideal for you. There’s plenty of room to cover the back, and the 10-inch model can help. You can always target specific areas while covering a large part of the territory.

3. The size of 30 cm is excellent if you are looking for a light print. This baby exerts as little pressure as possible on all models and feels more like a palm than a thumb in a knot. You will also get a deeper section with this guy.

With three dimensions available, you’ll surely get everything you need from the Plexus wheel collection. Whatever variant you use, it depends on your specific needs, and you can decide that more than one is right for you.

One to get those deep, annoying knots, and the other to stretch the body.

The larger the wheels are, the larger the covered surface, and the different the pressure is exerted. These different sizes offer great versatility, and I think it’s a great idea for a traditional foam roller.

The prices vary depending on the selection.

You can buy the wheels individually or together. It depends on you and your needs.

What Do I Like More About The Plexus Wheel?

1 – You can do exercises to increase the basic strength

Plexus Wheel for back pain

One of the main causes of back pain is a lack of physical strength.

Many people refuse to reinforce the core because this is not easy to notice. But those who work to build a strong core know that this is the foundation for strengthening the whole body. All movements start with the core, so you must work on your reinforcement.

The best thing about the plexus wheel is that not only can you perform exercises that will help you strengthen your core, but also help you while performing massage therapies.

2 – Thick filling and support of the spine

Comfort is indispensable in any type of massage therapy. With the push of the plexus wheel, you get a tool that adapts to the pressure points of your body. Make sure that the pressure is applied to the aching muscles and not directly to the spine.

3 – Improves flexibility and freedom of movement

One of the best ways to prevent muscle injury is proper stretching. In this way, you can increase your flexibility and freedom of movement while performing normal movements throughout the day.

So if you feel you do not have the flexibility you need, you probably have muscles that need stretching.

The Chirp Plexus Wheel can stretch these muscles excellently. If you stretch before or after exercise, you should notice the difference in your range of motion.

Gochirp Review - Real customer Review

4 – You can buy three different sizes

For those who travel a lot, three different sizes can help relieve back and muscle pain. There’s a 6-inch wheel that lets you ride almost anywhere. This gives you the comfort you need to take care of yourself physically.

5 – You have a 100-day money-back guarantee

There’s nothing like knowing that your purchase has a money-back guarantee. If for some reason your plexus wheel does not satisfy you, you can return it for a full refund. You must be sure that you feel the difference after using it. This should give you enough time to know if it works for you.

How To Use Plexus Wheel To Treat Back Pain?

Using the Plexus Wheel is easy enough. Stay there, and I will share different ways to use the bike for the best results.

First and foremost, I advise you to consult your doctor if you have never used a bicycle before.

Stand with your bike against a wall. At this point, no matter how big the bike is, just place it between the back and the wall and turn it up and down to feel it.

Plexus Wheel - Gochirp Review - Chirp


Pressing the wheel against the wall will keep the pressure as low as possible and give you a good idea of ​​how the bike will be used. Later, you can move to the ground where you are putting the most pressure.

By using the Plexus Wheel on the floor, you can apply more pressure from your weight.

As I said, each wheel also gives different pressures. The twelve-inch wheel provides gentle pressure while the small wheel is more aggressive.

You need to find out what works for you in terms of the aggression you want or need. So calm down and loosen those knots.

Plexus Wheel Sport Vs. Chirp Wheel Plus

The Plexus Wheel Sport is no longer available. There are some notable differences between the two options and I’ll cover them now.

The sports bike has a smooth surface and the Plus model does not have a special spinal canal. The Sport model also has 6 mm (approximately ¼ inch) of padding, while the Plus offers 20 mm (approximately ¾ inch).

At the end of the day, the Plexus Wheel + has more padding and contains the spinal canal. The sport model is firmer to achieve deep knots and active recovery in muscle groups such as glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

The Plexus Wheel Sport is designed more for direct pressure, recovery, and myofascial release. The Plexus Wheel + was specially developed for neck and back pain.

Plexus Wheel Plus Vs. AFoam Roller

Using a foam roller and a wheel is very similar in concept, but these two products are very different. Typical foam rollers are longer and the foam tends to break and soften over time.

When I try to get between my shoulder blades with a foam roller it is not easy to do as it is not designed for that purpose. In the end, I try to balance myself on my back while the foam roller flows in the middle of my back. I fell over a foam roller while trying to undo the knot hidden in my back.

Here the Plexus Wheel Plus certainly has a decisive advantage over a foam roller. The bike is much more agile and can roll in hard-to-reach areas that a foam roller cannot reach.

Another crucial difference is durability. The hard plastic core of the plexus wheel will not lose its shape or integrity over time. Chirp offers a 10-year warranty on its wheels to ensure they are designed to last.

Plexus Wheel Reviews: (Gochirp Customer Reviews)

Customer Review

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}:

✅ Does Plexus Wheel Treat Back Pain?

Plexus Wheel plus treats back pain, and you can roll areas like your neck into the lower back without putting much pressure on your spine.

💲💲 How much does chirp plexus wheel cost?

Plexus wheel may range from $59 to $99 depending on different sizes. Plexus wheel discount codes give 3 wheel pack for $99

🏆 Does Yoga Wheel only treat back pains?

Yoga Wheels can treat back pain as well as neck and foot pain as well. Plexus Yoga Wheels help yogis improve their balance and flexibility.

🔥 What are Yoga Wheels used for?

Yoga wheels help us stretch better and deeper. They can add to the improved yoga postures and even strength.

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Conclusion: Plexus Wheel Review 2021

If you are looking for an effective way to roll your back and neck, the Plexus Wheel is worth a try, in my opinion. The company stands behind its products and cannot fail with the right of return within 100 days.

If you sit a long way behind your desk during the day or have a bad posture and want to loosen or stretch your muscles in the back, the Plexus Wheel is a good choice.

Compared to a foam roller, this wheel has some key advantages:

The exclusive design of the 5-inch wheel makes it difficult to get to places. The hard plastic core stays firm.

The wheel is stable in difficult areas compared to using a foam roller on the long road.

I’ve tried foam rollers, tennis balls, lacrosse balls, and even PVC pipes for use. What I like about the construction of this bike is that you can use it on hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tiles, or carpets.

If I needed a roll that was deeper than the one I’d got with a foam roller, I used a PVC hose. The problem with a harder roll like the PVC pipe is that it slips everywhere on floors and hard carpets.

With tennis balls and lacrosse, you can work hard to reach areas, but rolling a large area takes a long time. The Chirp Plexus Wheel is a great way to treat your muscles and relax after a long day sitting and it comes at a reasonable price.

Now you have got the full information about this amazing Website, I hope you like our review of the GoChirp wheel.

Have You Ever Used This  Product Before? Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section Below.

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