Healthy Mummy Review with Discount Coupon 2020: Up to 40% Off

Healthy Mummy is a program for healthy eating and weight loss for Australian mothers. In fact, it’s more than just looking at the complete meal plans, exercise programs, weight loss, and incredible support groups: it’s more than just a program a complete system that quickly becomes a way of life.

I admit that the whole package seems complex at first glance. I would recommend booking a few hours without distraction where you can summarize all the information and plan your participation.

In this post, we have featured the Healthy Mummy Review with Discount Coupon Codes October 2020.

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Healthy Mummy Review


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Healthy Mummy Review with Discount Coupon October 2020: Up to 40% Off (Free Shipping)

Healthy mummy is essentially a 28-day weight loss. When you sign up for a specific challenge, you have access to the program through the website and a great app. Every month, the menu changes to a different theme, so you never get bored and the whole family benefits! For example, November is the challenge for ENERGY BOOSTING: All meals are high in antioxidants and increase energy. It’s not only delicious, but you also learn a lot about health and nutrition.

Let’s have a look at The Healthy Mummy Features:

Progress Monitoring

First, it is recommended to use the calculator on the website and to enter information such as height, age, current weight, target weight, and breastfeeding. The system then calculates your  BMR (basal metabolic rate) and how many calories you need per day to reach your ideal weight (at an optimal rate of 4 to 6 kg per month).

Healthy Mummy Review- Discount Coupon

There is so much information on the website. The entire process is based on excellent information that explains the scientific foundations of the program and ensures that you have the necessary knowledge to move forward. I also recommend that you use the app to track your progress through measurements and photos rather than scales.

Diet Plans

Each 4-week challenge has its own customizable meal plan. You can choose between standard meals, vegetarian options and budget/time savings (every 1500 calories) or the calorie meal plan (1800 calories).

It was easier for me to start my preparations for the next week through the website. The meal plans are large and offer many possibilities. I preferred to use the time-saving and budget-friendly meal plan, as I repeated a few snacks each week to save cooking time. Through the website on a computer, I could download a general description or a complete menu plan for use in the kitchen.

Healthy Mummy discount coupon codes

But the app was the best place to customize your menu for the week. Yes, it takes some time, but if you adjust the menu, you can make sure that you like the food in your plans (and other people in your house) and you can use the products you already have in the guard-food, I also liked being able to repeat some meals during the week to save time and money.

It’s easy to share meals and snacks: just select the food and click the exchange button to select another meal this week or challenge, and the recipe center where the lunches are located. Previous 37 The choice of food is endless. It was also easy to update the number of services I needed for each meal. It was very useful when I was fed one day or a variant of the family members. For most recipes, you simply change the scope of the service and the quantities are updated automatically.

I thought the food was excellent. The proposals had many flavors and aromas, with a focus on healthy, home-cooked food. In my case, they were also loved by the rest of the family (children ages 2.5 and 7). Chicken empanadas with tomato sauce (also served for lunch) and pork salad sandwiches were the most popular dishes of the dinner.

I also discovered that such a varied menu plan really freed me from the cooking routine. As diligent mothers, they often serve the same dietary rotation. But with Healthy Mum Meal Plans, I’ve provided all the tools to make our food more varied.

Some of the options are a little less “meat and three vegetables,” which is the old-fashioned staple food. I am a very adventurous cook and my kids eat well, but in some cases, I have had to buy items that are not always in my basket. There are many nuts, wholegrain flour, quinoa, lentils and more.

Vegetables that I have never heard of. This may be challenging for some kids and maybe even for other important kids, but the meals are delicious and plentiful and I recommend the rest of the family to board.


Every day, the plan contains three meals and three snacks. Sandwiches are the places where the healthy mother’s plan really shines. There are different ideas for every taste: sweet and savory, cold and hot, baked and fresh.

The paid plans not only include a collection of recipes, but other healthy mummies send recipes that are available online for free and can be added to the plan. I recommend trying out the Mummy’s Weet-Bix slice in good health, but with careful words, you hide it from the kids if you want it to stay.

Healthy Mummy Review- healthy Mummy snacks

However, I found out that I would just miss it if I made the 3 different sandwiches every day, 7 days a week. So I used the recipes sharing app so I could cook all sorts of ingredients all week. It took me just over an hour to prepare three 28-day recipes for my sandwiches. I made apricot chew granola bars, ginger nutballs and a piece of chocolate almond. All three were from ingredients that were already in my pantry, with only one substitute.

I discovered that having a snack as part of my program really helped me overcome snacks in the afternoons and evenings. I knew I had a delicious gift along the way and that was enough to overcome my cravings. Also, I’ve always found that portion control was a challenge. So make a very specific recipe and say: “Cut into 4 slices, 1 serving is one serving” these extra rooms were reserved. for my sandwiches day.

If you have eaten all meals for the planned week, click on the shopping list. All the items you want to buy are listed by category. Before I left home, I blocked and blocked (with a simple click) all the articles I already had and I was ready to leave.

My first shop was slightly more expensive than usual when I started to create a healthier pantry of choice. But after that first week, my purchases were balanced. With a great meal plan and grocery list, I just went home with the things I needed and nothing else.

The Smoothies

In addition to the meal plans, you can buy the mommy shakes in good health. These shake pans, available online or through local consultants, include flavors such as coffee, shock orange, and caramel, vanilla and chocolate. Healthy Mummy’s team also launched drinking chocolate, children’s shakes, a mix of supremacist and protein powder.


Healthy Mummy Review- smoothies

The idea is that you can substitute 1 to 2 meals per day with a smoothie to really increase your chances of success. In addition, smoothies on busy days are a quick and easy option.

To prepare a smoothie, simply add a portion of The Mummy powder to milk or water and mix well. The recipe center for healthy mummies contains a complete section for smoothies. There are many variations and suggestions. Personally, I found that using half of the milk and iced water with a touch of frozen bananas or berries was an excellent choice for me. I also tried to add oatmeal, cucumbers, spinach leaves, nuts, and chia.

There is a smoothie for every taste: spring cleaning, coffee with banana milk, antioxidant, alarm clock … the list is endless.

Again, the control element for the shake share helped a lot. In the first two weeks, I replaced two meals with shakes and then dropped to one shake a day. Yes, there are recipes that I did not like as much as others, and sometimes there was just a little powder and cold milk in a shaker and hatch to fill me when I missed the day.

I had read in self-help groups that some people did not really appreciate the texture of the liquefied powder, but I liked the taste very much. I recommend using a blender instead of shaker and ice or frozen fruit to get the best flavor. The shocks really filled me up and gave me a lot of energy all day long.

The Exercise Program

One of the elements of the Healthy Mummy program that I really liked is the integrated exercise program. It was pretty easy to sync my Fitbit with the app to follow the steps of the day. Every day he is encouraged to take part in an exercise to get up and move.

Start with a fitness test on the first day and repeat on days 14 and 28 to track your progress. It’s all about recording the number of pumps, squats, and burpees that you can do in 60 seconds, and then how long you can hold a card. Every day we offer you a new 30-minute workout that switches between high-intensity interval training, lower body training, basic training, Pilates, dance and a mind. Body.Breath.

Each exercise program contains detailed videos and application information. I especially enjoyed the HIIT training, complemented by the home buttons and a place to record the number of repetitions you have achieved in each series. The dance fits formations are presented in easily accessible lyrics and the kids loved working with me on these videos. In addition, running around does not really look like a workout.

Healthy Mummy Review- healthy Mummy exercise program

I also loved the mind, body and breath relaxation videos. These are guided mediations available in 3, 5 or 10 minutes, providing an excellent retreat in today’s busy world. With all the information on your phone, it was easy to perform these exercises in the morning, in the garden, on an excursion, or in the classroom after the children had gone to bed.

The wonderful thing about these exercises is that you do not need luxurious equipment and that modifications are available for each exercise. If you do not want to attend a training day, you will find videos and instructions for all the recipes.

Online Support Groups

The last part of the Healthy Mummy program consists of incredible online support groups. This group on Facebook is the perfect place to look for inspiration. I really enjoyed reading other women’s stories, what they found when they worked with different recipes for them, and, of course, saw the amazing changes in women taking control of their health.

Healthy Mummy Review- healthy Mummy online support

Above all, it is the support and encouragement offered to all women, no matter where they are on their health journey.

A healthy Mummy is more than just a program, it is a way of life. It requires the determination to integrate everything into an already busy life. Make sure you can take the time to commit to it. I really enjoyed having the whole program on my phone. Exercise and recipes were within reach and I was always ready to go.

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Conclusion: Healthy Mummy Discount Coupon 2020

My Healthy Mummy challenge was a great way to focus on my health.  I had lost 40 pounds but had to control my diet and exercise again. Due to a very busy month, I was unable to fully commit to the program during the Challenge and still lost about 3 kg. I would recommend The Healthy Mummy to anyone who wants to change their diet and focus on healthy eating, exercise and weight loss.

This was our deatiled review for Healthy Mummy. So, Grab the Healthy Mummy Discount Coupons and get the benefits here.

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