Diabetes 60 System Review: Another SCAM or REAL?

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I am the one suffering from type 2 diabetes and know how it is like to bear those insulin pricks, heavy medication and the fear of neuropathic pain. One has to feel left out in social parties because they cannot enjoy all the food and has to live life with so many limitations.

But after reading many scams about reversing type 2 diabetes this “Diabetes60 System” is a breakthrough treatment which is designed by a doctor himself. Dr. Ryan Shelton who has 12 plus years’ experience as a physician has designed this program which is useful to reverse type 2 diabetes with the help of few change in lifestyle.

What is this Diabetes 60 System? Who is Dr. Ryan Shelton?  This Diabetes 60 System Program Review will talk about the program, its content, author, features, reliability and truthfulness in its claims

Best review of Diabetes 60 System

This is an effective and 100%natural cure to type 2 diabetes and is based on scientific studies and backed by real researches made by team of expert doctors.


  • It is program which is based on all natural treatments rather than strict diets, workouts and medicines.
  • This program is fully researched by team of expert people and backed by many true experiences of people using the program.
  • Easily understandable and flexible program to follow by all age group people irrespective of weight and gender.
  • It includes benefits which can be driven by both type of people, one who are new to this disease and the other who have long term diabetes.
  • It is scientifically proven that high intensity interval training is safe and effective exercise for type 2 diabetes.
  • This program suits to all type of busy people as the 60 second workout plan can be performed at home or at office without any problem.
  • Its 60 day risk free trial helps in reversing the diabetes effect.
  • 24/7 access to the support team which will deal with all the queries and concern about the program.
  • Easy money return policy if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • It is a full-fledged program with all the stepwise instructions and bonuses


  • Not an overnight miracle which will fight with the root cause.
  • Need to bring change in lifestyle as nothing can be possible without that.
  • New program which has a long way to prove its succession.
  • It is not a complete replacement of medical advice and involvement, and one has to perceive it intelligently.
  • Available in digital format and no hardcopy.
  • HIIT is not something new and it not a complete different approach to diabetes

General Idea about the whole Program

Diabetes 60 System reviews

This program which is designed by Dr. Shelton provides solution to those patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes symptoms. Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible by following few lifestyle changes including diet and workouts. Dr. Shelton’s claims that one can easily regulate the blood sugar levels and kick start the pancreas, irrespective of any age, weight, gender, and diabetes counts by following this simple system.

He claims by giving 6o seconds per day to your body one can reverse the type 2 diabetes in less than 50 days and no longer need to worry about possibility of losing a limb, kidney failure, heart disease, and stroke or nerve damage.

This program is backed by clinically proven researches by medical experts who support the system which lowers blood sugar, improve insulin, weight loss, reduce blood pressure and improve overall health. This is 100% safe, natural and effective way to reverse type 2 diabetes than those harmful drugs.

He has backed this program by enough real number reports by “International Diabetes Federation” which says that there are currently around 371 million people suffering from diabetes and the number will go up to 552 million by 2030.

This disease is so devastating that it takes away life of one person every 7 seconds, and this is because the modern medicines are not able to reach root cause of it.

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The person suffering from diabetes almost spends over 13700$ per year and approximately 85500$ in whole lifetime. The dark side of the story is that every doctor will prescribe only large amount of drugs to fight diabetes and no one will ever talk of finding the root cause and eliminate it by proper natural treatment.

Dr. Shelton very well explained that he understand that in this fast moving world no one has time for gyms, strict workouts and disaster diets. So he came out with pre-known system of “High Intensity Interval Training”, HIIT (short form)which builds more muscle fibers depletes muscle glycogen level and promotes muscle insulin sensitivity.

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In-Depth guidelines of the Program:

Diabetes 60 System review

This is an 8 week program of step by step instructions with research and studies backed by experts and also includes daily workouts and videos. The module contains the following:

  • Main guide and protocol– there is the main guide that directs to all the information about diabetes and movements to perform. This protocol comes in week by week format which includes all the workouts and meal plans designed by the team of experts.
  • Video subscriptions– it is difficult for some people to understand all the exercises by only written description, so a proper collection of 25 diabetes reversing movements are explained through videos. All the movements are performed by expert trainers so that anyone can follow them correctly.
  • 2 Bonus gifts– the first bonus is the RECIPE COLLECTION which includes a list of nice tasty recipes which one should follow to get blood sugar level n control and reduce diabetes symptoms. Shelton has stated that only workout will not help to eliminate the root cause, so one has to bring in a little change in diet plans and have good nutrition food.

Second bonus is the HEALTH TRACKER, a free software which helps in having a record of any alterations in blood sugar, weight and blood pressure. This software can be easily installed on the computer in order to monitor the progress by following the protocol.

Where to buy?

Diabetes 60 System Pioneering Diabetes Treatment

This program is available on –diabetes60system.com. It is easy to download this e-book on any computer, tablet or mobile. It comes with easy 60 day money return policy if you are not satisfied with the results.

Bottom Line

Though the HIIT is not a new technique of reversing the effects of type 2 diabetes, but still one has to learn about it and combine it with exercises. This program has no harm in trying as it teaches to manage our lifestyle along with diabetes cure. If one is tired of all the pricks, drugs and managing high blood sugar levels then this protocol by Dr.Shelton will help a lot to cure type 2 diabetes from its root cause. This program comes with easy money return policy, so if you are not satisfied with the claimed results then you can ask for your money back.

What is this Diabetes 60 System? Who is Dr. Ryan Shelton?  This Diabetes 60 System Program Review will talk about the program, its content, author, features, reliability and truthfulness in its claims

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